Release Year: 2014

Riku was given a pocket watch by Ren. It could rewind to any moment in time and repeat the same events as many times as one wished, while still keeping the memories of the time traveller. However, it was impossible to change the future. For example, one who is destined to die soon will still die even if they complete a major operation. She told him that it was futile to try to change it. She too had once tried to do so, but failed. However, she won’t stop him if he wished to attempt it. He travelled back to five years ago and tested the powers of the pocket watch, helping many people along the way. He met by chance a young girl Shino and they quickly became friends. However, she had cancer and will die within a couple months. Before long, it was time to say farewell. She was prepared for the moment, but there were still many things that she wanted to do before her . He decided to turn back time to grant all her wishes, and to possibly change her destiny.

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