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Addison & Jordan

Release Year: 2013
Studio: RandyBlue

Huge dick smashes!

Release Year: 2015
Cast: Kayden Gray, Luke Vogel

DylanL – Myles Landon & Josh Hunter – Grease Monkey Hunk

Release Year: 2016
Studio: DylanLucas

Jimmy Durano and Brandon Jones

The boy is enjoying a nice afternoon reading his love stories before his big dick boyfriend interrupts. He wants his playtime and he wants it now. No problem at all….

Sensuous Masseur Gives Rudy Valentino’s Well-Used DickA Hard Raw Ride!

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Raw.staxus

Sugar Daddies 2 Part 3 – Nick Capra And Ethan Slade

Studio: Iconmale

Etan Slade sits at the bar, sipping his juice. He glances back at muscular Nick Capra as he knocks some balls around on the pool table behind him. As he’s walking back to the bar, Ethan notices Nick’s broad muscular chest beneath his shirt. Nick notices that someone covered his juice, and strikes up conversation with the college boy beside him.
Ethan looks at Nick curious and unsure. Connecting about busy college life, Ethan feels that he has something in common with the built Daddy. Nick tells him about his experience in college with an older man. He has fond memories of his sugar daddy and wants to pay it forward.
Ethan looks around unsure about the proposal that Nick is offering, but Nick convinces him to come see his winter place and they leave the bar. When the tour makes its way to the bedroom, it ends. Nick’s hands explore the younger man’s body, his strong thighs and ass humping the slender boy’s frame.
Helping Ethan with his shirt, he pulls him up onto him, holding him around his back, kissing his nipples. Ethan’s abs are dusted with hair, and flex as Nick’s mouth explores his chest. Kissing his arm pit. Nick strips Ethan of his pants, exposing his tight white briefs, he kisses his smooth foot, sucking on the younger man’s toes, rubbing his feet on his bulging crotch.
Nick works his way up the younger man’s physique, kissing him tenderly.Nick presents his thick dick, giving it a few slaps, before putting it in Ethan’s hungry mouth. Nick returns the favor, mouthing Ethan’s long cut cock, before flipping him over to lick his smooth ass.
Pushing into him slowly, they make out as Nick fucks him, the younger man’s back arched and pushing back into his Daddy, enjoying every thrust. Nick pulls him into him as he reaches up and caresses his face.
The younger man’s stiff dick rubs against the bed, as he’s being lovingly pounded from behind. Ethan begs Nick to fuck him harder, and spurts puddles of cum onto his lightly hairy chest. Nick scoops up some of Ethan’s cum and uses it as lube before blowing a load onto his fuzzy stomach.

Pass That Trashed Ass

Video language: English

GuyBone – Nick Moretti Barebacks Rowdy Mcbeal

Studio: GuyBone

Holy fucking hot! That’s the most accurate description I can use for this scene. Hairy, chiseled bodied muscle daddy Nick Moretti tops his sexy, pierced and tatted, good ole country pup Rowdy McBeal in one of GuyBone’s best bareback scenes!

These two are partners off camera and the intense amount of chemistry they brought to set was nothing less than absolutely amazing. Rowdy is totally my type: the straight-acting stud who you’d love to kick back and juice a juice with, talk about cars, then before you know it, he’s letting you slide his rock hard cock in and out of your mouth. I love the way he moans, begging for more cock from his partner.

And why wouldn’t you beg for more when your partner is Nick Moretti and his cock is enormous? When Rowdy pulled Nick’s dick from his jeans, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was huge! I shuddered with anticipation, ready to see Rowdy take it down his throat. He got to work quickly, showing how he likes to suck dick. He uses lots of spit, often letting it trail from his lips. My dick was stiff as soon as Rowdy pulled his wet mouth away from Nick’s hard rod, spit trailing, and Nick wiped it off his chin and put it back in his mouth, then kissed him hard. Fucking hot!

Nick got to work on Rowdy’s pierced pole, blowing him with expertise. Then he moved to Rowdy’s balls, slurping them into his mouth and rolling them around. Rowdy hit the roof. He later told me his balls are extremely sensitive, and Nick knows it, but wanted to get away with it on camera. That’s the kind of fun chemistry I was thrilled to see these two have. They know what turns the other one on, they know what buttons to push and what body parts to touch, they aren’t afraid to laugh during sex, and when they look into each other’s eyes, you can literally see the spark between them.

Nick ate out and fingered Rowdy’s ready hole, then shoved his mammoth cock inside his pup’s ass. He humped the fuck out of him, starting with doggie style (how fitting). The way these two communicate while screwing sends goosebumps up my neck, tempting me to rip off my own clothes and join them. One will moan and kind of whimper, the other answers with a similar sound. It’s like their own language, and it’s fucking hot!

Rowdy got flipped all around the bed; drilled from above, slammed from below, and pounded from the side. Nick is a top to be reckoned with. He knows how to please his bottom without sacrificing his own pleasure. These two were on fire, fucking with such passion and raw intensity.

Nick was first to bust, shooting a bullet of cum across the room (that has yet to be found), making Rowdy light up with laughter, then sticking his ever-erect cock back in Rowdy’s ass after having Rowdy lick it clean.

Rowdy came soon after, yelling in rapture, soaking himself in jizz. Nick followed suit and cleaned off his partner’s cock, then licked the cum from his stomach, and finished with a sticky, creamy kiss where the two enjoyed a tongue-rolling snowball.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed filming this scene, and how much I continue to enjoy watching it. It’s got everything you could ask for and then some. Guess that’s what I should have expected from two fucking hot pros like Nick and Rowdy.

Glacias Ice & Ryan Sneaux.

Video language: English

The Marbella boys are back and this time they ain’t singin’! This time is Glacias Ice and Ryan Sneaux whose only concern is fucking and bustin’ a huge load! And when I say huge…I mean huge! These guys get in where they fit in and it doesn’t matter whose around. They see what they want and they go in for the taking!

Austin & Nicco (Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky)

Austin Wolf uses Nicco Sky like his own personal sex toy.

Austin Wolf towers over Nicco Sky and it was obvious when they started going at it that this was going to be intense. Austin immediately took charge, grabbing Nicco by the the throat, showing him who was boss. Even when they were passionately kissing, Austin held his arms down with his powerful muscle, letting him know that even though things could be both tender and rough that he was in charge. He stripped down and fed Nicco his huge cock, holding the back of his head and face fucking him like he was a human Fleshjack. And through all of this Nicco was loving every second. When Austin was not busy directing his movement, Nicco was taking the initiative to swallow as much of that cock as he could. And Austin can definitely give as good as he gets, going down on Nicco as well. But Austin was getting off on using Nicco as his own personal sex toy and before you know it he was holding him upright in a standing 69 that was really impressive. Add to all this some sexy rimming and Nicco having the bottoming experience of his life, doing some positions you will not believe. This is hardcore ass fucking at its finest.