Release Year: 2014

Genre: VN, Comedy, Fantasy, Blowjob / Oral sex
Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Modified (pirates)
Medicine: Not required
Type of translation: the text and sound in this language (the original)
System requirements:
Processor: Pentium 166 MHz / Pentium III 500MHz
RAM: 32 MB / 256 MB
Monitor: Resolution of 800 × 600, 32 MB, DirectX 8.1
OS: Windows Me / 2000 / XP / Vista

Description: What distinguishes Monster from the people, and people from the monsters? Where is the line that distinguishes humans from the “creatures”? After all, sometimes people behave in such a way that even the most bloodthirsty monster seems nice and fluffy.

File size: 731.4 MB