Genres: Anal, Oral, Bareback, Hunks, Fisting, Leather

Pairing Fli with Nick Horn was a breeze. These two got into each other from the moment they met on the set, and their attraction shows. In fact, the shot of Fli rimming Nick was so hot I had to use it on the cover of the vid, and that action happened only a few minutes after I turned on the camera! From the moment the Fli tickled Nick’s hole with the tip of his raw cock and Nick reached out, took hold of Fli’s chaps and pulls his cock in balls-deep, I knew this was a winner. Fli fucked the hell out of Nick, and reverting back to his acrobatic maneuvers, he climbed into the sling and impaled himself on Nick’s none-too-shabby rock hard dick. The lights made it warm in the room, but it was the sex that made everyone sweat (ever tried holding a camera when you’re sweating right along with the guys?). As Fli bounced on Nick’s cock, Scott Christensen joined the action coming out of nowhere and shoving his massive cock into Nick’s gaping hole as Nick continued to fuck Fli.

These three decided to move onto the fuck bench so that they could try out a few different positions. Meanwhile, Pete Venturi and Alan Gregory joined the party, and for the next couple of hours, these five studs worked each other’s cocks and holes plenty. Scott went back and forth between Nick and Fli, and Fli and Nick continued to switch off, getting each other’s holes wet, sweaty and covered in lube. The ever-insatiable Alan jumped into the action, first with Pete, then seeing Fli and his fucking talent, he moved over and positioned his ass before Fli and let ‘er rip…

Format: avi
Duration: 2:56:45
Video: 720×528, DivX 5, 1097kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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